At the First Global Challenge a robotics event arranged by the Dubai Future Foundation, occurred discussion about The UAE and United States potential partnerships as well as cross-border investments and working together in the solar and nuclear energy sectors.

“We had some discussions about US LNG’s continual imports in this part of the world. What you all are doing with the nuclear power [in the UAE] and we are partnering in some of those [projects] so there is a broad array of energy opportunities” said Rick Perry US Secretary of Energy

The US is targeting opportunities to sell LNG to the UAE and Saudi Arabia as its shale gas boom provides export opportunities and Arabian Gulf countries look to meet rising domestic gas needs. Saudi Arabia, needs new gas supplies, which the Arab World’s biggest

Economy requires for power generation, industrial use and as feedstock for petrochemical projects.

In oil and gas sector, UAE have signed a number of significant recent deals, including concession agreements with companies from India, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Russia and China,

Mr Perry on Saturday visited Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum while in the UAE at Solar Park, the biggest solar power generation project in the world. US company First Solar has helped to build the first 13 megawatts phase there.

“I happen to think that the Emirates are as visionary as any country in the world when it comes to the diversity of energy concept. Not just talking about it but actually having real results,” Perry said.

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