BMS Auditing is the top audit firm in Qatar among the other audit companies offering reliable audit and assurance services in Qatar. Here is the rank list.


If you own a business or a company, it is essential to conduct auditing in the longer run. You could prefer Internal or External auditing. Have you thought about the real need for an audit? Auditing ensures that all the employees are compliant with the rules, regulations, and policies of the company. It also ensures possession of the assets is ethical and legal. 

Qatar has umpteen reputed audit firms with experienced, professional, and highly knowledgeable teams whom you could always rely on. The auditors hold themselves accountable for their tasks related to accounts and finance. 


Let us look at the best audit firms in Qatar.

List of Top Audit Firms In Qatar

  1. BMS Auditing Qatar
  2. S & F Consulting Firm Limited
  3. Abbasi Ibrahim & Co
  4. Adib Al Chaa & Co
  5. Al Hashimi Accounting & Auditing

are the big 5 audit firms in Qatar to offer reliable audit and assurance services

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1. BMS Auditing

BMS Auditing is one of the top audit firms in Qatar spread across over 9 countries and serving businesses for the past decade. The major services provided are Audit & Assurance, Accounting, Corporate Tax, and Business Consulting. The professional team at BMS has a great history of client feedback with world-class expert advice on any queries. 

The audit methods used by BMS are customized to each company's and industry's specific operations and reporting requirements. Our audit and assurance work promotes openness and offers insight.

To help you succeed in a world that is changing quickly, their globally coordinated tax specialists offer integrated services across all tax specializations. BMS addresses a wide variety of company needs and helps businesses coordinate their operations in a way that is more tax-efficient.


2. S & F Consulting Firm Limited

S & F Consulting Firm, a consulting and auditing firm in Qatar, providing secured and quality business services such as Company registration for foreign investors, Accounting, Taxation, Business advisory, etc. since 2012. 

Major services provided by S & F Consulting are

  • Foreign company registration
  • Accounts & Auditing
  • Income Tax 
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Virtual Office Rental Services


3. Adib Al Chaa & Co 

This is yet another leading audit firm in Qatar providing quality services in Auditing, Tax, IT Audit, Risk Management & Advisory. The company joined Horwath International (now Crowe Global). In 2012, the organization's name was changed to Adib Al Chaa & Co. Chartered Accountants. More than 300 domestic and foreign businesses are among the company's clients, placing it among the top 10 audit firms in Qatar.


4. Ahmed Tawfik & Co CPA

Ahmed Tawfik & Co. is a top auditing firm in Qatar specializing in Audit, Accounting, Tax, and Consulting services with a team of 30 qualified professionals. The services are designed to assure the companies of the technical and legal expertise along with the added value of a partner who would effectively advise them on enhancing their global performance. 


5. Al Hashimi Accounting & Auditing

Al Hashimi is an auditing firm in Qatar specialized in Business Advisory serving businesses since 2007. Major services provided are Accountancy, Taxation, Auditing, and Business Recovery services to small and medium-sized businesses. The team consists of highly motivated accountants and auditors that are willing to go above and beyond for our clients. In order to surpass our client's expectations, we provide them with the best caliber accounting, auditing, tax planning, and business consulting services performed by qualified staff in a timely and creative manner.


Why Choose Audit Firms in Qatar? 

Most audit firms provide common audit services. However, the audit firms in Qatar provide extraordinary and unique services apart from the common ones. They are: 

  1. Filling documentation
  2. Quality and control of data- assessment
  3. Assistance in the implementation, design, and testing of controls
  4. Advisory- Business process controls
  5. Analysis, Implementation, and Evaluation reviews- ERP 
  6. Identifying and analyzing the gaps 


Common Audit Services found in Qatar

Here are the key services offered by the audit firms in Qatar:


Most auditing firms in Qatar have qualified auditors, with great expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge in all aspects of auditing and accounting. The audit firms in Qatar follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 


Besides these services, audit firms perform a unique auditing process:

  1. Determining the efficiency of the business operations 
  2. Verifying the provision of appropriate protection for company assets by the business operation process chains
  3. Ensuring the security and reliability of the company information and data
  4. Assessing the processes to assure their credibility
  5. Verifying the incorrect procedures during the processes
  6. Reporting the detected errors or loopholes and other negations
  7. Providing suggestions or immediate solutions for the corresponding corrections 


BMS Audit Firm in Qatar

BMS Auditing in Qatar is one of the leading audit firms in Qatar. We support global clients by fulfilling various environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and endurability compliance and amenity optimization audit on an annual basis. Our auditors are well-experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable in all dimensions of Finance. 

Need help with auditing? Reach out to BMS in Qatar. We serve you well!

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